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            Kenny Kosicki - Bass Guitar -Vocals. Session player with International experience. Artist/writer  in residence.
RiP  Played or recorded with: Dion,Elliott Randall,(Steeley Dan),Carlos Demolina,(NBC sports),Peter Noone, Peter Tork, Jeff Pitchell, Natalie Cole,Tommy Roe,The Chiffons,The Dramatix,Yale Rep. Theater, Breeze, The Legends,The Glamour Girls, Wild Cherry, Electro Harmonix,  Deric Dyer, (Tina Turner), Lucky Peterson,Bob Cadway,Roger Nichols,Bill. Holloran,(Chic),Sheryl Ray,Tubby Boots,Dino Minelli,Chris Jensen, (Dickey Betts), Jeff Levine,(Hall and Oates), Joni Voyles, Phillip Michael Thomas, Benny Slapak, Marco Descisio ,Dyn-o-mite Disco Review,Gerry Coe,Rick Cortez,Bob Smith,Vic Paliuca, Teddy Mullet, Buck Freedman, Jimi Ruccolo, Larry Hirt, Eddie Maina, Fofi Lancha,Cookie Lopez,Bill Schnee, Ernie Garza, Rey Sanchez,  Johnny Christopher, George Cocchini, Larry Dinan, Marty Kleinman, Jon Peckman, Andrew St.George, Galo Rivera, Charlie Naebeck, Teo Leyasmeyer, Teri Desario, Alphons Kettner, Randi Fishenfeld, Doug Kupper, Bobby Economou,  Joe Dipietro, Baird Parker, Paul Bozzi, Mitch Farber, Jay Drake,Nicole Hatton,Bobby Hatton,as well as many international artists. Kenny Kosicki is affliliated with BMI as a writer and a publisher.  Kenny Kosicki was born in Middletown CT. Coming from a musical family, he was influenced at an early age by his grandmother, who played piano on Broadway, and was good friends with Cole Porter. His Dad was also  a professional musician who played trumpet and led orchestras. Ken studied at Creative Music in Conn. He is currently living in Boca Raton, Florida with his lovely wife Lisa. He enjoys biking while trying to race the iguanas. He also loves to see people smile. Nothing like a good cup of coffee while  installing software on computers. He is a total nerd and loves to talk software with anyone who will listen. 

 Kenny Kosicki is the electric bassist for the International Christian Embassy of Jerusalem. After years of recording and touring with many artists, including Peter Tork of the Monkees, Elliot Randall of Steeley Dan,  Jeff Pitchell, Dion, Peter Noone of the Herman’s Hermit’s, as well as many other artists, Kenny is presently working in South Florida playing bass for “Breeze”. Breeze has the reputation of being Florida’s premier Classic Rock Band, featuring Roy Rauschenberg. Kenny Kosicki played bass for First Baptist Church of Fort Lauderdale for seven years, under the direction of John Jones. John directs and produces the Fort Lauderdale Christmas Pageant. It is recognized as one of the best produced Christmas Shows nationally , and has won several Emmy’s. You can also catch Kenny playing bass for the Florida Atlantic University Pro Big Band under the direction of Dr. Tim Walters. The name of the band is the “Jazz Rats”.   Bassist for The International Christian Embassy of Jerusalem for The Feast of Tabernacles. Played for Prime Minister Rabin, Prime Minister Netinyahu, Prime Minister Sharon, Prime Minister Olmud, Dudu Fisher, Jonathan Settel, Chuck King,Theresa Morton,Claren McQueen,Benny Hinn and Jack Hayworth .  Contemporary Christian Music: Toured or recorded with - Wayne Watson, (Word records), Kenny Marks, Teri Desario,Bill Schnee,Todd Billingsley,Causeway, Johnny Christopher,(“You’ve always been on my mind”),George Cocchini,Jonathan Settel,Rita Springer,Chuck King,Peter Leal, Jamie Hilsden,Rob Carnegie, Chester Thompson, Israel’s Hope, Cookie Lopez, Rey Sanchez,Jeni Hacker, Alex Acuna, Rick Krive, Jim Hacker, Neal Joseph, Bill Ancira, John Jones, Mark Adamy, Tony Loeffler, Ray Vasso, Mark Olzyk, Elizabeth+Robert Muren,Robert Stearns,Geoff Gackle,Ryan Delling,Honey Drake and Eddie Maina.  House bass player for Ressurection Drums clinics hosted by John Becker: performed with - Carmine Appice, Steve Smith, (Journey), Rod Morgenstein, Alex Acuna, Billy Cobham and Jerry Brown.
           Teo Leyasmeyer 
In memory of a great musician and an amazing guy, I had the pleasure of playing with Teo in Jeff Pitchell’s band,”Texas Flood” for two years. He played key’s for BB King, BuddyGuy, Jeff Pitchell, FreddieKing, Charlie
Musselwhite, James Montgomery, etc. The photo below was us playing somewhere in Boston,his last show with us before he died. Before the gig,we were rehearsing”Sarah Smile” in the back room on this old honky tonk piano. He was the type of a guy that never had anything bad to say about anybody.To see him playing, go HERE.  Teo, we miss you...!!!

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