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 Kenny Kosicki
Bass Guitar
Hello to friends and visitors...!!! This is “myplace”... a place to share with all about the gift of music that God has given. I am a  bassist/writer who has travelled nationally and internationally . I remain thankful for the many incredible musical opportunities that I have witnessed, and stay humbled by the incredibly talented people that God has put in my path. It is my desire to share my life and music with you. Kenny is currently playing bass for Breeze.Ken is also working with upcoming artist Nichole Hatton, with Bob Hatton Productions. She is an incredible new artist creating quite a buzz. Note that download time on the “Music1-2”+“Kennymusic” pages of this site might take a couple of minutes. There are many samples of my work on these pages. Thanks for visiting. Kenny Kosicki is available for recording via the internet or live playing. 
                                                                              Enjoy...!! http://www.breezemusic.comshapeimage_9_link_0
Hey man, looks like Kenny is still alive..!! HI...!!! It’s time for a

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