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         Kenny Kosicki - Bass Guitar - Vocals. Session player with International experience. Artist/writer  in residence.
              DAW  (updates soon)
                 Dual 1.6 GHZ PPC G-4
                       1 .5 GB SDRAM
                 Pro Tools LE
                 DIGI 001
                 Lacie + SATA storage
                         Event 20/20 bas
                         Tascam VL-XS
                         M-Audio BX-10s
                         Roland MA-8                                                          
                         M-Patch 2
                              Shure SM7b
                              AKG 3000-b
                              Rode  NT-1
                              SP  B-1      
                              Fathead  Ribbon
                              Octava MK-012  
                              Shure SM 57
                              Shure SM 58
                              EV Co9 EDS                  
                        UAD-1 Project Pak
                        Waves Gold
                        PSP Vintage + EQ
                        DUY EverPack
                        Antares Autotune
                         NI Guitar Rig 3
                         Tritone Colortone
                          Massey Plugs -ins
                          Toast + Jam
We live in great times. Technology has afforded anyone with a computer to set up shop within the comfort of their own home. Although I realistically understand the limitations of a “home studio”, along with the fact that it seems that everyone has a “pro set-up”, I believe that you can still produce music with good results. The quality of the product obviously depends on ones talent, abilities, and experience. If you “have the skills, it will pay the bills”. Kenny Kosicki uses Vibechek Studio to fine tune his skills as an artist / musician and writer. He very rarely takes on any outside projects, and mostly uses his place for demos and writing. Kenny Kosicki is available for recording and collaborating on line. For samples of his bass playing go HERE:   For samples of production and sound libraries, go HERE.

                         Apogee Rosetta 800 

                         Great River MP-2NV

                         Mindprint An/Di 

                         Studio Project VTB-1
                         DBX 120 XP 
                         DBX 163A

                          RNC 1773

                          Little Labs IBP

                          Sans Amp Bass DI

                          Rane DC 22

                          Alesis Q-6
                          Alesis NanoVerb

                          Furman M8-L

                          Preamp D-8
Kenny Kosicki uses ONLY Rotosound Strings
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