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        Kenny Kosicki - Bass Guitar - Vocals. Session player with International experience.Artist/writer  in residence.
Here are some links of some of my favorite websites. Included are artists I’ve played bass for, some good churches I’ve played at, music industry conferences, along with others.
This is “Breeze”- the best classic rock band around . Roy Rauschenberg handles the lead vocals + guitar, Larry Dinan on drums + vocals,Eddie Huerta on keys + vocals. Kenny Kosicki  plays bass + vocals. This is my current band..             

I toured with Jeff Pitchell for two years. Jeff is one of the “premier” guitarists out there. His skills and showmanship would always leave audiences wanting more.
Kenny Kosicki played bass for Peter Tork, formally of the Monkees in the Northeast for a couple of years.   Peter is a very talented artist who tours with his band ,“Shoe Suede Blues”.                            
I had the pleasure of recording some tracks for Dion at Criteria Studios. What a legend. I’ll always remember his rich voice as he was sitting on the couch playing his acoustic. 
Elliott Randall from Steeley Dan is most famous for his guitar solo on “Reelin’ in the years”. I had the pleasure of playing bass with him on some gigs, clinics, and for “Electro Harmomix” mp3’s.
Randi “the violinist” Fishenfeld fronts the band “Bluefire”. She has gigged with Clarens Clemons + many others. Randi is an amazing performer. Kenny Kosicki played bass for her band “Bluefire”.
Bob Cadway ,shown here with Steven Segal, was a giant in the music industry. His house was full of gold records. Kenny Kosicki played some sessions that Bob was on. We miss you Bob.
Joni Voyles is a singer/performer I work with. She is a talented  artist who sings for the latin market as well as American, You can see us at he link below.
ShoProductions is a Conn. based agency I worked for. The Glamour Girls + the Dyn-O-mite Disco Band are both dynamic and fun bands. Christine Schrager + Sarah Lemire rock the Glams.
Above are some great websites for study. Talkbass is a great hang for us bass guys, the DUC is for Pro Tools, Gearslutz is a great place to review gear, Groovebox is for software study, Realtraps is a great place to learn of the importance of room treatment and Digidesign is also for Pro Tools.
Jonathan Settel is an amazing singer who also does great V/O’s. I played bass on one of his CD.s and currently I am engineering some  V/O sessions at my studio recording Psalms with him.
Kenny Kosicki toured with Wayne Watson.a Word Record Artist,(at the time of the tour). Wayne is a CCM artist.  His musicianship + commitment  are solid. One of my favorite artists that I toured with. Excellent..!!.     
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