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        Kenny Kosicki - Bass Guitar-Vocals. Session player with International experience. Artist/writer  in residence.
Special - Misc. music
SRC Christmas Eve Service Opening Lights and Music Mailbox Blues  - Peter Tork with Jeff Pitchell & Texas Flood What I'd Say  - Peter Tork with Jeff Pitchell & Texas Flood Respect  - Jeff Pitchell and Texas Flood in Newport. RI Below is a collection of music that I wrote and produced. This Sound Library bundle is a collection loops of various music styles designed for radio and TV spots. The bass collection are tunes and loops written for movie background. Also some V/O’s are included that I recently worked on. The Youtube video’s are some live performances with me playing bass. Also included  are some collaborations with some friends. All my work is published with BMI. All rights reserved and it is unlawful to use these files without permission.
Bass collection mp3’s
        Sea - la
      Glide Ride
 Feel Good
 EZ Coast
Smoothy  Music
     60 seconds       Vex Me 30 seconds
15 seconds
    Vex me -         
 sports bump      5 seconds
     New Real
Oh Yeah ?
Face Off
Vex me
 Ouch...!! Sports- ROCK for spots
 God’s Way
 Slow down
Hang time
Mah sha R&B  -  Pop Cafe Cito
Psalm 133 Psalm 122 Psalm 2
Orchestral -Voice over Xmas 2007
    Life is good
   Fairest Lord
  Iguana Walk
       Sea-lah      Boca this !!
She’s Dancing..
         NBTB  Def lime blues      DUC-thang   V/O  - Psalm 1
This tune was written for my cousin before she died. Now “She’s Dancing with Angels”. Go here for the story behind this special song. We miss you..!!Blog%20/EF666B0E-1BD7-11DD-8293-00039375BE36.htmlshapeimage_132_link_0
Another collab. with my DUC buds. Charlie Naebeck is singing, Andrew St.George is playing drums and mixed. I played bass,  harp, and BGV’s. cool
Jonathan Settel was the talent on this V/O.
What a voice...!!!  He also sings great. For info on Jonathan you can go here to check.http://settel.orgshapeimage_134_link_0
Todd Billingsley is a great arranger and musician, This is one of his latest charts. You can check his work out  here. I played bass on this.
This is a collaboration with a bunch of my  buds on the DUC. I am singing, playing bass and  harp. Andrew St. George played drums and mixed it down in Canada. What a blast !http://duc.digidesign.comshapeimage_136_link_0
       back  South Beach Rythym promo video featuring Joni Voyles              Promo + You tube Kennymusic  Kenny Kosicki with Nichole Hatton - CBS 12 TV   live
Please be advised that it might take up to 5 minutes for these mp3’s to download. It is streaming, so you can listen  while it loads.